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crucian carp soup

crucian carp soup

Health Benefits

Fish soup has been regarded as a nutritious food and is considered by the Chinese traditionally to be particularly good for lactating women as part of the postpartum confinement diet. Crucian carp fish is loaded with various nutrients. It is able to lower inflammation, enhances heart function, promote digestive function and slows down the aging process. It has high content of protein and low amount of saturated fat. It is flavorful and tender which is added to culinary dishes and soups.



200g crucian carp

20ml cooking wine

500ml water

1 coriander

1 scallion

3g salt

3 slice ginger

1g ground pepper



Step1. Prepare the fish and season with cooking wine for 30 minutes (to remove the fishy smell).

Step2. Steam the fish for 15 minutes.

Step3. Put steamed fish, water, coriander, scallion, ginger, salt into the GREENIS power blender.

Step4. Select “Hot Drink” program to process until the cycle finishes.

Step5. Pour the mixture to bowl and scatter some ground pepper and scallion/coriander.

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