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You Create, More Than Influence.

We believe every Tiktok influencer is a creator that forms part of the value journey starting from brands to customers and they stand behind the products they trust and love. As always, we provide products that enrich your content, retain and scale your followers consistently. Being an ambassador, you get paid not only for the content you create but also get inspired and awarded financially for each sale you refer on a trackable basis*. Best of all, you feel proud that you present your audience what you love.



We are looking for creators that create in line with our brand personality and amaze audiences to take actions. Show us how you incorporate our products into your creative portfolio

GREENIS the Brand

Greenis® is a leading health appliance brand with a presence in 47 countries across Europe, North America, Asia and Africa. Our focus is to make healthy living easier by combining the latest smart kitchen technology with the highest standards of craftsmanship and engineering. Our range of smart power blenders and slow juicers have set a new industry standard and offer the perfect blend of power and sophistication for your home.

Create Content, Get Paid: Campaign Brief

This campaign is devised solely for the following USB rechargeable portable blender F-2280. To learn more, go to


Campaign Deliverables:

* videos in sizes 16:9 or 9:16 suitable for mainstream social media posts.

* images in regular sizes


Free Samples Available:


* Once the campaign is agreed upon, free samples will be organized to be delivered to the address creators provide.




* No blurry images of product or product labels.

* Mix of lifestyle + product images preferred.

* Photos must be 240dpi+, minimum 2000px on longest side



Tips & Hints for Success:

* Be creative. Refer to and get inspired by the creations from our other partner creators. See below section “Partner Creators’ Content Gallery”

* Show the label facing forward. No back of product shots.

* Imagery should be bright, fun, clean and colorful.



Post Requirements MUST INCLUDE:

* Must talk about the health benefits and why you love our portable blender.

* Be sure to mention Greenis. 

* Use the hashtags



Brand/Product Talking Points (mention at least one)


* Smoothies, juices, ice crushing, powder mixing, etc

* Makes up to 20 creations on a single charge

* Self-Clean Capability, fits in your palm like a mobile phone
* Magnetic Charging Port saving you the stress of accidental cable breakage
* Titanium-plated blade, IPX7 Rated Water Resistance
* BPA-free Tritan jar, which is crystal clear & shatter-resistant




The compensation will be determined and agreed upon by taking into account the creators follower count, portfolio, 


Promote Greenis, Get Awarded: Affiliate Program

* This program is devised solely for the following USB rechargeable portable blender F-2280. 

* To learn more, go to

* Applicable Countries: United States, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, Singapore, Canada, and a lot more to come.

* To sign up to the program, click “Sign Up Here” , complete the form to sign up . After sign-up, you will get access to your custom referral link and your own dashboard to track clicks, conversions and other relevant stats. 

* Share your referral link on social media, in emails, blogs, websites or simply with your friends & family, etc.

* Once any visitor completes a purchase by clicking through your custom referral link, we will instantly award you a US$10 commission paid out to the bank account or paypal account provided in your dashboard, whichever is your preferred payout method.

* There is no cap on how many referrals you send so the more customers you refer, the more you earn.

* Data transparency: Clicks, conversions and all order relevant data, payout settings are all checkable or available for setup via your dashboard. 

* Marketing Materials: We provide you with a bunch of marketing materials including but not limited to partner creators’ videos, banners, copies, etc to be embedded on your site or anywhere you wish to add.

Partner Creators’ Content Gallery

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