AI Finance Agency Posted An Article with A Large Section on Greenis

AI Finance Agency Posted An Article with A Large Section on Greenis

The article is about Ali’s TmallGenie and Ali Cloud’s IoT officially poolig resources to exploit the AIoT industry. It writes that the trend of human-computer interaction will evolve from touch to include a wide range of other methods, such as voice interaction, face recognition, voiceprint, gestures, and other multi-modal interaction techniques.


In this race, Ali has been favored by the industry with its outstanding internet service advantages and the complete Ali Cloud ecosystem.


With a keen businiess sense and an analytical parallel with platforms such as Mi and JD, GREENIS seized this opportunity and began work with TmallGenie in 2015. As a foreign trade company that mainly focuses on the overseas market, seeing the development of the AIoT model in the domestic market in the past few years inspired GREENIS to develop and sell smart home appliances in the domestic market.


We are progressing in our understanding of what AI is, and then learning how AI-driven appliances can be leveraged in our work with TmallGenie. Now, we’ve joined forces with TmallGenie IoT to launch a voice-controlled smart juicer which allows its user to view cloud-based recipes on their smartphones. The juicer has sold very well, with monthly sales of over 20,000 units.


Currently, GREENIS and TmallGenie are collaborating on 10 products. Notably, we will work to build the entire module of the TmallGenie into other products and incubate a unique oven or heater.


We are constantly optimizing our products to give our users a better IoT experience.

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