Power Blender-Domestic Chef Series

Domestic chef series blenders offer great value for money. You will find it beyond your expectation for its perfect balance between performance and cost. Commercial grade jar design, stackable and more lightweight, intuitive mechanical dial and touch panel. It does have it all. 

Greenis Power Blender FGR-9800
Greenis Power Blender FGR-8830

FGR-9800 offers great value for money. You will find it beyond your expectation for its perfect balance between performan and cost. Commercial grade jar, which is stackable and lightweight.

With aluminum speed dial that elevates feel to a new height, this 10-speed model delivers not only power but also a sheer joy with mechanics. DIY function is inspiring the side of chef from everyone.

Greenis Power Blender FGR-8880T
Greenis Power Blender FGR-8880R

The perfect blend of power and sophistication. The Greenis 8880T is a blender for every kitchen-compact, stylish and powerful. The stunning digital interface with smart programs offers unmatched value when it comes to high performance blending.

8880R is a blender for those who love manual dial. Built-in precision Japanese encoder makes control more precise and intuitive than ever.

Greenis Power Blender FGR-8880S
Greenis Power Blender FGR-8840

FGR-8800 features industry-leading brushless DC motor and deliver stunningly consistent results and low noise level. The incredible programming features allow more flexibility with user experience.

8840 keeps you in control with 24 speed settings. The ergonomically designed digital front panel is perfectly integrated with the manual speed dial and pulse function. It also features 6 smart programs. The robustly designed jar and blades combine raw power with effortless beauty.

Greenis Power Blender FGR-8890

Addling metallic element to blenders bring more aesthetic pleasure and robustness. With phone-grade anodized aluminum and precision spray-painting tehnique adopted, casings come in more dazzling color options and better withstand scratches & scraped without compromising

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