Power Blender-Comercial Series

Greenis has reimagined the power blender category by developing a range of smart power blenders that combine advanced features such as touchscreen interfaces, intelligent programming and with unmatched power and durability. In addition, the introduction of revolutionary brushless DC motor technology has resulted in dramatic improvements in service life, noise reduction and energy efficiency. 

Greenis Power Blender FGR-8800
Greenis Power Blender FGR-9810

FGR-8800 features industry-leading brushless DC motor and deliver stunningly consistent results and low noise level. The incredible programming features allow more flexibility with user experience.

With FGR-9810 we make it more affordable cost-wise by maintaining performance. On top of the powerful motor and quiet operation, FGR-9810 is suitable for commercial settings thanks to its light-weight jar and digital interface.

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